Experts promote the 5 Priorities

Standing, left to right: Andy Semmel (AKS Consulting), David Culp (Friends Committee on National Legislation), Greg Terryn (Council for a Livable World/Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation), Jenifer Mackby (Consultant, including for Partnership for a Secure America), Ben Armbruster (Rethink Media), Paul Walker (Global Green), Jenna Parker (PGS), Ken Luongo (PGS), Bemnet Alemayehu (Natural Resources Defense Council), Jim Baird (Stimson Center), Pia Ulrich (Federation of American Scientists), Jenny Town (US-Korea Institute at SAIS), Kingston Reif (Arms Control Association) Front, left to right: Lesley McNiesh(... :P), Sharon Squassoni (Center for Strategic and International Studies), Deepika Choudhary (Rethink Media), Audrey Williams (Partnership for a Secure America), Michelle Cann (PGS)

At a recent meeting of the Fissile Materials Working Group (FMWG), an international coalition of nuclear experts, members showed their support for the 5 Priorities with this picture on the balcony overlooking Washington, DC.

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