The Onion Explains Nuclear Non-Proliferation

This “Onion Explains Nuclear Non-Proliferation” video from The Onion made us laugh. A lot.  We only wish the problems were as simple as employing a handful of really huge guys.

The truth is,​ instead of being an issue that belongs on the History Channel, nuclear technology affects our lives every day. The materials that could make a nuclear bomb or those that could be used in a dirty bomb are spread out across many sites that aren’t even military.

​Hundreds ​of ​nuclear power plants and research reactors exist or are being built, and nuclear ​materials are used in research, industry and medicine on a daily basis.

Oh, and that line about “not being able to control” the doomsday scenario? There is a way for you to get involved: voice your support for 5 Priorities for global nuclear security.